Email Security

Emails’ being one of the most business critical business applications has now evolved as the backbone for most of the organizations if not all to conduct their day-to-day operations. As its prevalence grows, the importance of email security becomes more significant. With the current and increasing volumes of mail spam coupled with daily release of innovative and resident email borne viruses, this area of domain has come under tremendous pressure. Add to it, the corporate data leakage through outbound mail traffic, malicious and unlawful external attacks and growing stringent compliance requirements is taking its toll on every mail administrators.

Comprehending the scenarios wtih the extent of damage the above situations can bring in to any organizations, ASPGulf offers multiple email perimeter security solutions to address these concerns in the same coin.


WatchGuard formerly known as BorderWare offers BorderWare Security Platform – its flagship product to protect your organization against any inbound threats and prevent outbound content leakage across email and web applications. This proprietary appliance based solution is robust and can be deployed on High Availability Load Optimization (HALO) for larger deployments. This solution is in the likes of major corporate, Telcos, MNCs across the world.

It prevents email and web-based threats, including spam, virus, malware, URL filtering, blended threats, spyware, and network attacks like DOS (denial of service), data loss prevention email encryption. BSP is the only highly available email security system with message-level redundancy and on-demand clustering capability.

Features of Borderware Security Platform:

  • 98.3% Connection level rejects
  • Defense in depth for Viruses, Spam & Malware Prevention
  • Zero Hour Malware and Spam Outbreak Response
  • Instant-On Data Loss Prevention for Compliance & Privacy
  • Modular Approach for Consolidated Security
  • Easy-to-use, Robust Management & Reporting
  • Centralized Policy Management & Remediation
  • On-Demand Clustering & Queue Replication

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Other Solutions include that are deployed from our Date Centers’ include Mail Marshall, Barracuda, Panda to name a few.


MailMarshal email security from M86 Security contains MailMarshal SMTP and MailMarshal Exchange which are software based solutions. They can be either deployed on the same physical server or on a separate server depending on the loading factors. MailMarshal SMTP is a complete email perimeter security application while MailMarshal Exchange offers advanced Exchange services such as enforcing acceptable use policy and compliance requirements, content filtering, anti spam and antivirus.

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Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall from Barracuda Networks in an integrated hardware and software based solution designed for protecting mail servers from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. It offers some features such as end-user controls such as user based filtering, individual spam scoring, personal allow and clock lists, end user quarantine, digest mails and Outlook and Lotus Notes integration.

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Panda GateDefender Integra is an perimeter security solution from PANDA Security. It is deployed between the internet and the corporate network providing a unified protection against all kinds of threats. Panda GateDefender provides end to end features such as firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), VPN, anti-malware, content filter, anti-spam and Web filtering through a single appliance.

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